Sunday, April 24, 2016

Database Issue in CRM Connector Installation in Ax 2012 R3

Recently I needed to install CRM Connector in my Ax 2012 R3 Server.

While I was trying to install it using the Ax Setup I constantly ran into errors:

Take note in my case the AX and SQL database were on different server.
and I was following the instructions as specified at technet Connector Installation

First: Database server name not showing in server list.
 Initially it was only showing the local server name in the step where asks for the selecting server on which the MSDI database is to be created. While installation it did not show the SQL Server Database Server name in the list of servers this was due to the fact that the SQL server Browser service was disabled.

Once you start the service this problem resolve.

Second: Prerequisite Error: Microsoft SQL Server (Connector for Dynamics).
Details: Microsoft SQL Server is required in order to install the Microsoft Dynamics Ax Database.

When I checked into log details if found that even though the the log in credentials had all the necessary access required it still failed the check for the database version.

After this I downloaded the installer set-up *.msi file from customer source and used that to install the connector and it worked perfectly within no time it got installed and I configured it and it showed the company's existing in Ax database.

So it may as well be the case that Ax Set-up is bugged.

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