Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creating a Basic Report

1.Create a new Ax dynmics project in Visual Studio.
2.When you open the solution by default there will be a moxl file added to your solution.
Rename this report.moxl file to appropriate name.
3.Open the moxl file right click on Dataset node and add a new dataset.
4.Add a precision design in the Design node.
( Its better to add a design before adding the datset. As if your dataset has parameters
then there are chances that when you switch/open  the design for preview it will show you a
5.Create a query in the AOT .
6.Link the dataset to the query.
(If the fields in the dataset have not been populated then refresh the dataset.)
7.Right click the precision design you added and select edit design, then Drag and drop a
table data region in the design.
8.Open the dataset pane and drag-drop fields in the details row.
9.Save all and preview your design.

This should show all the records returned from the query.

When you will be developing reports you can use inbuilt functions in textboxes of your design.
You can find examples of functions here .